Wreck Diving

    Kingston Reefs Perth, Australia


    Kingston Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Shag Rock is situated about a mile south of Sha'ab Ali and 6 miles away from the wreck of the Thistlegorm. On the northern side of the reef lies a wreck which for a long time had been falsely called Sara H, an imaginary name that in reality does not apply to any ship. The wreck in fact was the…

    Kiwi reef Aqaba, Jordan

    Probably the best dive I've had in Jordan. Ground floor contains grassy sand flats with rocky coral heads spread throughout. You can find every species of the red Sea, going from a pinacle to another. Each pinacle contains different sepecies. It's a must for photographers...Species: Stingrays, moray…

    Kiyosumi Maru Truk, Micronesia

    450 foot, 8600 ton Merchant Cruiser, lying on port side

    Ko See Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Saw Leopard sharks and blacktip sharks.

    Ko Yawabon Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Many tunnels and caves

    Ko Yung Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Leopard sharks, dolphins and huge urchins.

    Ko Yung Pinnacle Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Very nice shoal, full of life and colors.

    Kogyo Maru Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the east of the south-eastern corner of Lusong Island. South of the Olympia Maru, this Japanese freight ship, 158m (518ft) long with 6.352 G.R.T., was sunk by the Americans in 1944. It lies in a depth of 34m (112ft) on its starboard side. The port side is in 22m (72ft).This is an…

    Koh Bida Nai Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Two small limestone islands; “Koh Bida Nok” and “Koh Bida Nai”, away to the west from “ Koh Lanta” between the route to Phi Phi Island. This site will provide you an excellent and variety taste of diving.Suitable for all level divers. Start from 8-28m depth. Colourful soft corals mixed…

    Koh Bida Nok Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Probably the best dive sites of Ko Phi Phi! The Bida islands are known locally as ‘the place to see Leopard sharks’ and boast an abundance of marine life. A huge variety of species can be seen here, including the rare and beautiful seahorse and ghost pipefish. At very shallow depths it is not…

    Koh Dok Mai Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Ko Doc Mai is a Marine Reserve.Good dive for macro (seahorses), very nice corals. Look for Leopard shark on the sandy bottom...

    Koh Hah Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Very nice place for snorkeling. Scuba divers may encounter leopard sharks and stingrays near sandy areas, and if you are lucky some sea snakes... not agressive but take care :)

    Kyokuzan Maru Coron Island, Philippines

    This Japanese freighter measures about 152 m long and lies almost upright at an average 30m depth; she provides a beautiful wreck dive experience. In excellent condition, this huge sunken ship usually has about 20 metres visibility and ideal diving conditions. In the cargo rooms hold Japanese cars…

    Lady Elizabeth Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden barque 658 tons. From Fremantle for Shanghai, one life lost. Wreck lies on a sandy bottom in Bickley Bay with the bow wedged into a reef in about ten metres with a portion of her hull and ribs exposed. Some artefacts remain.

    Laguna Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    The western side of Tiran Island itself is divided into two parts which scuba divers generally refer to as North and South Laguna. Both marked by beacons these are beautiful drift dives which can be done only when the weather conditions are exceptionally good. The area is strongly influenced by…

    Lithou Reefs Townsville, Australia

    Reef Sharks, Green Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays...

    Litte Armstrong Bay Perth, Australia

    Little Broadhurst Reef Townsville, Australia


    Little Brother The Brother Islands, Egypt

    Steep walls, black coral, great gorgonians

    Little Island Perth, Australia

    a good spot for crays,usaully toward the end of the season. The occasional due fish hangs around in the deeper caves. As the name suggests male australian sealions hang around on the island and the sorrounding waters, do NOT touch them, not only are they protected but they can get very violent when…

    Lohsamah Bay Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    This is a great dive site for night dives (sandy bottom, and pinnacles); or as second dive after Ko Bida Nok. There is also a canyon on the eastern side of the rock near 18m deep, with seafans.

    Lucyís Reef Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Leopard Sharks are spotted here on occasions.

    Lusong Gunboat Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the southern end of Lusong Island, and northwest of Irako the wreck lies in shallow waters between sea level and 14m. Good for snorkeling and photographing. The wreck was recovered earlier and all the superstructure is gone.It is covered with sponges and soft corals and provides shelter…

    Makadi Bay Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Great for snorkelling. Large area and relative few people. Hanging on the surface the depth to the reef rocks/population is only 1 to 2 meters. Of course there are deeper spots. Great reef wall.Will get busier in due time due to building of holiday resorts.

    Masamirit Suakin Islands, Sudan

    The east side of Masamirit offers a great drop-off dive. Seen many sharks and turtles.

    Maya Cave Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    The maya beach has been very famous since the movie 'The Beach' with L Di Caprio. This is a very nice place to stay and dive.There are large rocks, with tunnels and caves, and the drop off on the southern side.

    Maya Cave Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    The maya beach has been very famous since the movie 'The Beach' with L Di Caprio. This is a very nice place to stay and dive.There are large rocks, with tunnels and caves, and the drop off on the southern side.

    Maya Cave Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    The maya beach has been very famous since the movie 'The Beach' with L Di Caprio. This is a very nice place to stay and dive.There are large rocks, with tunnels and caves, and the drop off on the southern side.

    Merlo Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    Merlo is a very nice reef, as good as Angarosh reef. Sharks and sometime mantas can be seen here. There is also a small wreck on the northwest side of the reef.

    Mettams Pool Perth, Australia

    This pool is a great place for family, first time snorkelled or for introducing children to snorkelling. There is also an access for the disabled.

    Middle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Gentle slope running down to 25m.

    HIJMS Nagato Bikini Lagoon, Micronesia

    Myrmidon Reef Townsville, Australia

    Fantastic coral garden with great sealife.

    Nancy Cove Perth, Australia


    Nippo Maru Truk, Micronesia

    353 foot freighter

    North Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Less dived site in north of Abu Ramada island. Nice plateau on the north side and wall on the east side. This place is mostly dived with soth winds (not very often) and can have anything from mild to horrible current.Good place to spot turtles, barracudas, reefsharks, octopus and moray eels.

    Northern Tip Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Jacks, Barracudas, Sharks and sometime Mantas can be seen here.

    Numidia Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    The 137m long British cargo ship Numidia sunk in july 20th, 1901. The bows lies near 8m deep with a pair of Railway Engine Wheels. The rest of the wreck goes down to 40m and the stern lies near 80m.Highlights: Wonderful wreck, Gray Sharks