Wreck Diving

    Olympia Maru (former Tangat… Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in between the northern tip of Lusang Island and the island of Tangat, this originally thought japanese freight ship, 137m (449ft) long with 5.617 G.R.T, was sunk by the Americans in 1944. The reality is that nobody knows his origin, but it was supposedly built in Europe. The Olympia Maru is…

    Oryoku Maru Subic Bay, Philippines

    The Oryoku Maru was a Japanese ship sunk by United States Navy fighter planes during World War II.Oryoku Maru left Manila on December 13, 1944, with moe than 1620, mostly American, prisoners of war (POWs) packed in the holds. US Navy planes from the USS Hornet attacked the unmarked ship, over the…

    Palong Wall Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Black Tip Reef sharks

    Petra Hurghada, Egypt

    Pfeiffer Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    A very famous dive site for shark diving.

    Police Station Hurghada, Egypt

    Porpoise Bay Perth, Australia

    Qita El Banna North Sudan, Sudan

    Very nice living corals, barracuda shoals, sharks...

    Ray Bahn Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Fine soft corals. Sharks may be seen, including sometime Whale sharks and mantas!

    Rio de Janiero Maru Truk, Micronesia

    Rocky Bay Perth, Australia


    Royal Azur Coral Hurghada, Egypt


    San Francisco Maru Truk, Micronesia

    The San Francisco Maru is 116 meters long. Built 1st of march, 1919, this 5,831 tons vessel lays at 63 meters deep. This passenger/cargo ship sunk upright.It is the most famous dive of Truk. The deck is 46 meters deep, 55 meters to the 'tween decks holds. There are three tanks, two to starboard and…

    Sand Beach Hurghada, Egypt

    Sanganeb - North Point Port Sudan, Sudan

    Great reef, including a lot of different sharks (Hammerhead sharks, Grey reef sharks, Whitetip reef sharks). A must!

    Sanganeb South Port Sudan, Sudan

    An excellent night dive.

    Sankisan Maru Truk, Micronesia

    4800 Ton Cargo ship sunk upright

    Saudi border Aqaba, Jordan

    This is an excellent site for diving and snorkeling. Corals are not as nice as some other sites (japaneese garden, kiwi reef, etc.) but some interesting species can be found (saw a hudge spanish dancer)...At the moment and fior the forseeable future it is no longer allowed to dive at the Saudi…

    Scuba Zoo Townsville, Australia

    A true shark dive: A lot of Whitetip Reef sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and Silvertip Reef Sharks.

    Seiun Maru Subic Bay, Philippines

    This vessel is situated between Alava Pier and the northern end of the runway. A Japanese cargo vessel of approximately 30,000 tons sunk by the American Navy in 1945, the Seian Maru lies on its portside in 27 meters (85 feet). As you swim through its cavernous holds, you will encounter talakitok,…

    Sha'ab Abu Nuhas Hurghada, Egypt

    About 2 1/2 hours cruising time from Hurghada lies the reef of Abu Nuhas - "The father of bad luck", so called because of the number of ships that have hit this reef over the years. The reef is to the north of Shaidwan Island, close to the main shipping channel from Suez and usually partially…

    Sha'ab Anbar Port Sudan, Sudan

    Sha'ab Iris Hurghada, Egypt

    Part of the Abu Nugar complex, and west of Umm Gamar, this is a sand bottom with scattered coral heads.Very interesting for seeing little fish and branches since there is enough sand that you can ground yourself withoug worrying about hitting the coral here.

    Sha'ab Jibna Port Sudan, Sudan

    Sha'ab Rumi Port Sudan, Sudan

    Probably one of the most well-known dive site of Sudan! This was the place for Jacques Cousteau's Conshelf II experiment in 1963. The rest of a dome is still at 9 m deep just south after the west passage of the reef.

    Sha'ab Rumi South Port Sudan, Sudan

    A great dive site, much more interesting than the closer Conshelf site (only interesting because of the Cousteau's historic experiment and wonderful hard and soft corals).Here you find everything! From the tiny sea slug to hammerhead sharks, jacks, tunas, etc.I am amazed that 2-5 kt is a "moderate"…

    Sha'ab Sabrina Hurghada, Egypt

    The reef here pokes out from the eastern side of Giftun Kebira island and has a coral garden extending 300-400m north of it. The best way to dive this site is on the drift, dropping 300m out and using the gentle current to make your way back to the boat mooring. This area is known for its beautiful…

    Sha'ab Talata Hurghada, Egypt


    Sha'ab Umm Usk Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Very nice dive site with beautifull coral structures (Acropora). Dives are mainly on the W part, some times the N and SW.

    Shark Point Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    This site boasts a misleading name – with the exception of a few leopard sharks, you will not find the schools of sharks you may be hoping for. Nevertheless, the site offers spectacular diving!Superb sponges, soft corals, and a multitude of colourful and exotic fish make this a beautiful site. It…

    Shark Point Koh Phuket, Thailand

    There are in fact three dive site in Hin Mu Sang; three pinacles coming at different depth. Marine life is here outstanding: Very nice reef, fishes, jacks, snappers, scorpionfishes, morrays, and sharks !

    Shinkoku Maru Truk, Micronesia

    10,000 ton, 500 foot Tanker (Oiler)

    Shinkoku Maru Truk, Micronesia

    10,000 ton, 500 foot Tanker (Oiler)

    Shrimp Reef Townsville, Australia

    Great coral garden with Whitetip Reef Sharks

    Siam Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand


    Siyul Kebira Gubal Strait, Egypt


    Small Crack Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Small split in the middle of Shab Mahmoud’s barrier. The tide empties and fills the inner lagoon twice daily, thus creating strong currents that promote an impressive explosion of life. Brilliant soft corals and resident flashlight fish also make it a premier night dive location - weather…

    Sodfa Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    This site is immediately northeast of the much better known and more popular Tower. This is a very easy drift dive that allows you to observe many species of coral, both hard and soft and a wide range of reef fauna. From March to the end of June it is a great hangout for passing Manta and the…

    South Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    SS Isola di Levanzo North Sudan, Sudan

    Some great info about this wreck:"ISOLA DI LEVANZO 1901 3,713 gross tons, length 339.6ft x beam 46.3ft, one funnel, two masts, single screw, speed 11 knots, accommodation for 1st class and 900-3rd class passengers.Built by Fratelli Orlando, Leghorn (Livorno), she was launched in 1901 for Soc.…