Wreck Diving


    Small Crack Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Small split in the middle of Shab Mahmoud‚Äôs barrier. The tide empties and fills the inner lagoon twice daily, thus creating strong currents that promote an impressive explosion of life. Brilliant soft corals and resident flashlight fish also make it a premier night dive location - weather…

    Sodfa Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    This site is immediately northeast of the much better known and more popular Tower. This is a very easy drift dive that allows you to observe many species of coral, both hard and soft and a wide range of reef fauna. From March to the end of June it is a great hangout for passing Manta and the…

    South Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    SS Isola di Levanzo North Sudan, Sudan

    Some great info about this wreck:"ISOLA DI LEVANZO 1901 3,713 gross tons, length 339.6ft x beam 46.3ft, one funnel, two masts, single screw, speed 11 knots, accommodation for 1st class and 900-3rd class passengers.Built by Fratelli Orlando, Leghorn (Livorno), she was launched in 1901 for Soc.…

    Staghorn reef Koh Phuket, Thailand


    Susana Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    Susana Wreck

    Susana Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    Swan River Perth, Australia

    Good crab dive location

    Taiyong Aqaba, Jordan

    The Taiyong C486B was bought by the port authorities here in 1974 for offloading ships in Aqaba. She is a towed barge with a large crane at her stern above a wheelhouse, also massive winches at the bow and a large hold. She lies on her starboard side facing the shore East. the top edge is 35m to 40m…

    Talei Maru/ Concepcion Wreck Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the south of the village of Concepcion on Busuanga Island edging at the pearl farm of the Lusteveco Company. The wreck is not visible any more above sea level.The 168m (551ft) long Japanese 10.045t auxiliary tanker Taiei Maru was sunk in 1944 by American planes. It lies almost straight at…

    East Tangat Gunboat Coron Island, Philippines

    Pretty close to the east-shore of Tangat–Island, you can dive a small, 35m long Japanese anti-submarine-chaser and Tug-boat in shallow water of min. 3m down to max 19m. A perfect dive for beginners or a 3.rd dive of the day, and of course, for underwater-photographer! Her original Japanese…

    Temple Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    At the center of the Ras Umm Sid bay a huge coral pillar extends skywards, the reef wall drops to 15m. There are lots of pinnacles which are well worth exploring, this is a good spot to see octopus. The rest of the site is featureless and it is easy to get lost so don't forget your compass. Look out…

    The Alternatives Gubal Strait, Egypt

    About 30 minutes north west of Ras Mohamed is a system of flat top ergs, with names like "lonely mushroom", "stingray station" and sometimes known as the "seven pinnacles". Best dive is around the third or fourth erg from the east where the current sweeps through feeding pristine corals with bright…

    The Aida Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    This 75m long Egyptian ship was build in France and launched in 1911. It sunk September 15th, 1957.Her bows at 25m and her stern at 60m.In a big storm in september 1957 a captain decided to ignore all warnings and bring the Aida to Big Brother. Back then she was a supply ship for the Egyptian Army.…

    The Basin Perth, Australia


    The Excalibur Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    The Excalibur was a 22m long twin mast motor and sail vessel.

    The Gardens Aqaba, Jordan

    The Rock Koh Phuket, Thailand


    Thomas Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Tiran's smallest reef with plunging walls covered with soft coral, gorgonians and colourful fish life. The west wall is darker with overhangs and caves full of glassfish and sweepers. Residents include a school of large barracuda, and in summer months, some of the largest tuna we have ever seen

    Torfa Fanous East Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site has many names, including "Dolphin Reef" and "Turtle Bay".This narrow reef creates a huge calm lagoon, a great place to stop for lunch and catch the sun before the second dive of the day.The lagoon itself and the enclosing reef wall is relatively uninteresting and naturally lifeless…

    Torfa Fanous West Hurghada, Egypt

    The other end (west) of the Fanus reef has two main ergs and several smaller pinnacles off its western end. You can follow the reef wall round and explore the reef face and coral gardens which is full of marauding jacks. Or if you feel energetic you can swim the 50m to the furthest erg which is well…

    Tower Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Tower is a spectacular dive site characterised by a deep canyon whose walls descend vertically for over 120m. It is a lovely drift dive with a strikingly beautiful underwater landscape. It is rich in reef fauna with many Parrotfish, Moray Eels, marauding Trevallies and look carefully for the Cube…

    Transit Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden schooner, 124 tons, 88.8 feet long. Voyage from the Cape of Good Hope. There was a suggestion that her master had been careless or had deliberately wrecked the vessel. No lives lost.

    Trigg Point Perth, Australia

    Turtle reef Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Ulysses Gubal Strait, Egypt

    The Ulysses is a about 100 years old, sitting on his backboard side, it's still very interesting because of all the marine life surrounding it, the propeller in the back at about 30 Meters is a very good opportunity to Photographers. Makes a very nice dive at the afternoon a good 2 Hours before…

    Umbria Wreck Port Sudan, Sudan

    The wreck "Umbria" has a cargo of 360.000 bombs that makes the exploring of the wreck still more exciting. The "Umbria" is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world. Lying in the shelter of Wingate Reef, just outside Port Sudan and largely unaffected by currents and tides, it is within easy…

    Unkai Maru Truk, Micronesia

    330 foot Freighter, 3200 ton upright

    USS New York Subic Bay, Philippines

    USS New York has been transformed into an artificial reef. The growth of the tourism industry has expanded and Subic Bay has become an upcoming dive vacation location. The New York has become one of the most dived ship wrecks in Asia, given her somewhat shallow depth (18 to 27 meters), ease of…

    Watanabe Bommie Townsville, Australia

    Giant bommies with great corals. Shoals of barracudas, Grey Reef Sharks...

    Waterfall wall Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Nice reef

    Waterman Beach Perth, Australia

    White Knight Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    The reef wall drops away to a sandy plateau at about 13m, at the center is a gully with swim throughs at 10m and 35m. There is an eel garden to the north. This sheltered site is home for trigger fish, groupers and the occasional manta.

    Winegate Reef East Port Sudan, Sudan

    A very classical dive of the area.

    Winegate Reef South Port Sudan, Sudan

    Nor far from the Umbria wreck. May be a good second dive.

    Woodhouse Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Located between Thomas reef and Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef is narrow and long and thus offers no shelter at all to boats. This dive is done only as a drift dive. The most interesting part of the reef is the northern half of the eastern side, with a canyon that opens at a depth of about 30m. To one…

    Woodmans Point Ammunition… Perth, Australia

    Yamagiri Maru Truk, Micronesia

    6400 Ton 439 foot freighter on her port side

    Yanchep Beach Perth, Australia

    Yubai Maru Truk, Micronesia

    The Yubai Maru was a 3,217 tons vessel. She sunk February 16th, 1944. This 93 meters long wreck lies on her port side.